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Orders are delivered within the same day, usually it's faster. Please also check your spambox for this email. Keep in mind some apps are working better/faster with a reduced list. Please let us know wich countries you want to receive during the request.

The subscription will offer you a 2-days money back guarantee. If you prefer to try it first, please order a daypass for €2 and this will give you 24hr access to all channels and vod.

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  1. First register or login with an excisting account.
  2. After this, you can place directly an order.
  3. Please follow all steps after the payment this for faster activation.
The payment method is paypal, banktranfer or bitcoin
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  • Please register via, see video for help: ''click here''
  • After you registered at paypal, you can please place directly an order. . . ..

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